eCube Systems Announces New Scripting Editors and RMS Support for NXTware Remote for OpenVMS

eCube Systems announced general availability of new OpenVMS scripting editors and RMS support for NXTware Remote 4.2. The NXTware Remote Integrated Development Environment (IDE) automates time-consuming tasks and allows developers, even those with little-to-no OpenVMS experience, to be comfortable and productive without extensive training.

For more information, please refer to our press release.

eCube Systems Announces NXTera 6.3 Support for Linux Enterprise 5

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration, and management solutions, announced the immediate availability of a new version of NXTera 6.3 High Performance RPC Middleware with support for Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5.  This release modernized legacy Entera applications and brings all of the powerful features of NXTera to the Red Hat platform.

For more information, please refer to our press release.


NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Functions

In our last post, we talked about the advantages of NXTware Remote and ICC’s view on 5 of NXTware’s advanced editor functions (parsing, syntax highlighting, source code templates, search & replace, and bookmarks.  In this post we will discuss 5 more advanced editor functions: content assist, mirror files, editor preferences, macros, and keyboard shortcuts.

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 1: Content Assist
Content assist enables auto completion of reserved words or local variables by writing the prefix of the word and pressing Ctrl + Space key.  Auto completion shortens the time it takes to type and the overall development process.  In addition, user templates for auto completion can also be defined to ease up the development process.  According to ICC, they have “more time to concentrate on the logic rather than technical typing.”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 2: Mirror Files
With mirror files, a single file can be opened several times in the same editor.  The open files are synchronized and a developer can work on different parts of the same file at the same time.  One part of the file can be changed by looking at a different part of the same file.  According to ICC, “it is easier to copy something you already wrote.”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 3: Editor Preferences
Editor preferences are a set of menus that allow you to control the configuration and visualization of the current editor.  For VMS compliance, a fixed font size must be used and the Tab length must be set to 8 characters.  Different file types can be associated with different editors.

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 4: Macros
A macro is a plug-in component that enables you to record a set of operations completed on the editor and then repeat the operations as needed.  The recorded operation set can also be saved for you to use later.  According to ICC, macros are “very useful when we need to mark several lines at the beginning.”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 5: Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts can be viewed or defined for common editor operations.  By pressing Ctrl + Shift+ L, you can get a list of all of the existing keyboard shortcuts.  Using keyboard shortcuts will shorten the editing process.

Why NXTware Remote?

Why NXTware Remote?  If your company is considering using NXTware Remote you may be asking yourself this question.  We could list a bunch of features that eCube finds important but we think it would be more beneficial if you knew what features our clients find the most beneficial.

At the 2013 OpenVMS Boot Camp, ICC conducted a presentation on our behalf.  With 50 developers using NXTware Remote, they can provide a unique view on the product.  ICC believes there are two major NXTware Remote advantages:

  1. NXTware Remote comes with advanced editors that increase and improve the quality of the source code developed.  Advanced editor functions identify errors on the code as they are written, parse the source into meaningful parts, and allow content assist of code and templates.
  2. The development process is done on the familiar and universal IDE of Eclipse and because of its plug-in architecture, integration with many advanced products and tools is allowed.

In this post we will discuss ICC’s opinions on 5 of NXTware Remote’s advanced editor functions: parsing, syntax highlighting, source code templates, search & replace, and bookmarks.  In a future post we will talk about content assist, mirror files, editor preferences, macros, and keyboard shortcuts.

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 1: Parsing
The first advanced editor function identified by ICC is parsing.  With parsing, source code is divided into sections that are displayed next to the editor on the outline tab.  This makes it easier to navigate between sections because you can press the section name on the outline tab.  You can also sort the section names in alphabetic order.  According to ICC there is “no need for a long search, just click.”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 2: Syntax Highlighting
The second advanced editor function ICC mentioned is syntax highlighting.  Syntax highlighting emphasizes the reserved words in the source code.  The emphasized words are displayed in a different color or font style configured by the user.  According to ICC, “the code is displayed in a more clearer and understandable way and the different words that construct it can be easily noticed.”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 3: Source Code Templates
Source code templates allow you to define common source code templates that are repeated several times.  Input, constant, and cursor position variables can be added to a template.  Once a program is completed, it can be defined as a template.  As ICC says, “why write the same thing over and over again?”

NXTware Remote Advanced Editor Function 4: Search & Replace
By pressing Ctrl + H, you can search for and replace text.  The search can be done on different levels including workspace, a set of chosen components, current project, or current file.  The search results are displayed on the search view and are reachable when you press them. In the search scope, the match text will be highlighted on all of the files.

NXTware Remote Advanced Function 5: Bookmarks
Bookmarks allow you to mark a single file or a single line inside a file.  All of the defined bookmarks are displayed in the Bookmarks view.  To access a single bookmark, you can click on it in the Bookmarks view.