OpenVMS Uncertainty

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the HP OpenVMS space right now. Although HP has reassured the market that it will be in the OpenVMS business until at least 2020, it is not committed to the latest Intel chipset, called Poulson. This has caused a good deal of teeth gnashing and valid concern about the long-term viability of assets running on OpenVMS.

However, one thing is clear when we talk to our customers: they have absolute confidence in the quality and value of their people and their business logic. These are the things they believe they need to invest in to succeed in the current environment and prosper with whatever technology comes next.

At eCube Systems, we see ourselves playing a role in maximizing current use of OpenVMS and enabling customers to move forward with confidence. NXTware Remote, our Eclipse-based integrated development environment, enables users to get the most out of their development teams now and to better manage their existing business logic. As importantly, the implementation of NXTware Remote for OpenVMS means that our users ‘ existing development processes and business logic can be easily and systematically transitioned to Linux or UNIX ,if ever needed.

In an uncertain world, improving today’s productivity is a valuable benefit – adding agility and positioning to meet tomorrow’s changing landscape is a requirement.

eCube Systems Announces .NET/WCF support for Legacy Systems and Entera Applications with NXTera 6.3 – NXTera.NET

eCube announced the immediate availability of NXTera.NET, the latest version of NXTera, the Entera compatible high-performance RPC Middleware. NXTera.NET (NXTera 6.3) adds improved support for Microsoft .NET Framework and new integration with Mono, a cross-platform open source version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

For more information, please refer to our press release.