Protecting your Greatest Assets and Limiting Risk During an OpenVMS Transition Part One: Your Development Team

Senior IT development managers often tell us there are two things at the top of their list of most valuable assets: their proprietary business logic – the smarts at the heart of their strategic business applications – and their people – developers who uniquely combine their business knowledge and expertise with technical know-how.

As IT managers around the world try to understand what HP’s 2020 support road map for OpenVMS means for their organizations, they now realize that these important assets –their business logic and technical know-how — are at risk.

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eCube Systems Announces Complete 64 bit Support in NXTera 64

eCube announced the immediate availability of NXTera 6.4 (or NXTera 64), a high performance RPC middleware.  NXTera 64 has added full support for 64 bit architectures in OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and Linux. At the same time, it continues to offer an easy upgrade path for Entera applications as well as Web Services and .NET interoperability for legacy applications built on languages such as FORTRAN.

For more information, please refer to our press release.

eCube Systems Announces Release of NXTminder 7.4

eCube recently announced the immediate availability of NXTminder 7.4, eCube’s Application Performance Management System.  NXTminder 7.4 introduces several new features:

  • Export/import Utility
  • Server Status Enhancements
  • The ability to extend view log capabilities to file paths
  • The ability to add an environment capability to file paths
  • A restart capability for hybrid servers
  • A history tab to display stderr and stdout

For more information, please refer to our press release.