What will it take to grow OpenVMS Usage?

We’re confident that today’s press release about VMS Software Inc. becoming the exclusive developer of future versions of the OpenVMS operating system will be met with praise and relief in many companies around the world. IT organizations love new technology and rely on dependable systems — but they hate uncertainty. The existence of VMS Software Inc. addresses all three of those concerns. You can be sure they will find a market.

But what would it take for VMS Software (VS) to attract new OpenVMS users or at least grow in the organizations where it is already used? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Build on the strengths of OpenVMS: Unparalleled reliability, security
  2. Communicate their commitment to the future: OpenVMS on Paulson, x86 and beyond
  3. Place ease of use and productivity at the heart of their business: Modernizing the development process is key

At eCube, we are looking forward to participating and helping with each of these. Our work with NXTware Remote and Continuous Integration place OpenVMS development on par with any other platform – and bit more fun and flexible too.

What to you think success will look like for VMS Software Inc? Share your thoughts with us.

eCube Systems and VMS Software Corporation building future for OpenVMS Users

eCube announced today that it will align its offerings with those of the VMS Software Inc.(VS), a newly announced technology firm committed to delivering new versions of VMS on modern chipsets.

NXTware Remote, eCube’s modern Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, simplifies and systematizes software engineering. It will be certified to work with every release from the VMS Software Corporation. The IDE’s suite of tools and best practices for Continuous Integration, which automates much of the development process on VMS, will leverage eCube’s close relationship with the VMS Software Inc. to ensure users get the most out of their VMS investment.