OpenVMS Webinar Recap

Yesterday, we had a great webinar on OpenVMS development modernization at Cal. Thank you to Connect Worldwide for hosting. Special thanks to Oren Nissan from Cal for presenting and to everyone who took part and asked questions.

The consensus was that historically, the biggest difference between OpenVMS and other platforms has been the development environment. There is a growing agreement that NXTware Remote levels the playing field and improves productivity and quality.

eCube Is Hosting an OpenVMS Webinar: One Company’s Path from Legacy to Modern

On September 17th, we are hosting a Connect Worldwide Webinar that discusses how NXTware Remote impacted Cal’s (Israeli Credit Card Company) development best practices.  During the presentation, you will learn how Cal’s OpenVMS platform went from legacy to cutting edge by modernizing their development practices with NXTware Remote.  Since they modernized their development process, Cal has improved productivity and code quality while broadening the agility and capabilities of their development team.

If you are interested in learning the benefits of OpenVMS revitalization, make sure you visit on September 17th.

For more information on Cal’s modernization, watch their testimonial.

OpenVMS: The Paths from Legacy to Modern

Chances are, if you use OpenVMS, the oldest thing in your development shop isn’t the hardware or operating system – it’s your development process. While most companies keep their hardware and operating systems reasonably up-to-date, many organizations are still developing the way they did 30 years ago.

No matter what your organization’s plans are for OpenVMS (committed, undecided or planning a transition), modernizing your development process and investing in your people’s capabilities will play a key role in your future success.

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