OpenVMS: The Paths from Legacy to Modern

Chances are, if you use OpenVMS, the oldest thing in your development shop isn’t the hardware or operating system – it’s your development process. While most companies keep their hardware and operating systems reasonably up-to-date, many organizations are still developing the way they did 30 years ago.

No matter what your organization’s plans are for OpenVMS (committed, undecided or planning a transition), modernizing your development process and investing in your people’s capabilities will play a key role in your future success.

Modernizing your development process can help ease your organization’s adoption of current development best practices and allow you to benefit from improved code quality and improved productivity. Here are two common routes on the path from legacy to modern development.

Route One:

Companies that want to continue using OpenVMS can transform their legacy processes and change their management’s perception of the team and OpenVMS. Increasingly, they are turning to NXTware Remote and Eclipse, the open source IDE, to modernize their development process and align OpenVMS with the development processes and best practices of other enterprise platforms.

Cal, one of the larger financial service companies in Israel, found that modernizing their development environment with NXTware Remote enabled them to improve productivity and code quality, while broadening the agility and the capabilities of their development team.

Route Two:

Companies that have decided that they want to transitions away from OpenVMS are choosing to modernize their development practices with NXTware Remote before they move. The transition to a new platform, language and development environment can be a challenge for a development team. Often productivity suffers and valuable resources are lost.

By modernizing development processes, establishing best practices and transitioning to a modern development environment before they move away from OpenVMS, these companies lower risk and proactively prepare their developers for the larger transitions to follow. The benefits are clear: developers can adjust to new tools and ways of working while they are still using a familiar language and environment.

Benefits of modernizing with NXTware Remote include:

  • Increased engineering productivity and quality
  • Future-proofing your development staff for the long-term
  • Cross-platform support — NXTware Remote allows you to work in OpenVMS and HP-UX/Linux simultaneously
  • Flexible integration with 3rd party productivity tools

Let us know if you’d like to try it out for yourself.

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